A New Player’s Guide to Selecting the Right Guitar Straps


If you’re new to playing the guitar, chances are that you haven’t yet figured out the right guitar straps for utmost comfort while guaranteeing real value on investment. There are tons of models and designs to choose from, but your choice will typically be down to personal preferences. Below are some of the issues that people often look at when choosing custom guitar straps:

The majority of guitar straps are nylon, leather, or polyester. Leather is recognized for its durability, while polyester is preferred for its affordability and comfort levels when being used. Nylon has similar properties to polyester, although you may add that it has a slicker feel that allows for free back and forth movement and sliding on a player’s shoulder. If you haven’t played the guitar for an extended period before, you may want to start with polyester guitar straps that feel more comfortable right away before your shoulders can get used to the weight of your musical instrument.

Regarding nylon and polyester straps, these products are usually two inches in width. Your choice will often be dictated by price or aesthetics, in that case. On the other hand, leather straps may be two to four inches wide. The wider leather straps are usually great for heavier base guitars. Typically, only experience can help tell whether wider or thinner straps provide the right level of comfort and stability when playing your favorite musical instrument.

Most of the custom guitar straps are adjustable in terms of length. But when you’re ordering custom guitar straps, you may specify your preferred length before the design process can begin. Usually, you can do that online from the comfort of your home. However, anyone that has not played the guitar for a long time may not wish to rush into picking any strap length. Like earlier mentioned, you need to first try out several lengths before settling on the most comfortable setting. As such, order an adjustable length guitar strap for the time being.

Personalized guitar straps websites usually provide many design options toward the production of unique products. There, you’re allowed to select patterns, images, and colors that can help define your personality in the finished guitar strap product.

So, understand your personal preferences prior to ordering any custom guitar straps online. Pick the guitar strap material that suits your budget and need for durability. Aesthetics and comfort should also be considered.

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